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Strength Equipment
Strength Equipment

Black King Bar Fitness is a one stop solution gym equipment and accessories provider to consumer, commercial and government customers both domestically and Internationally.We specialise in providing tailor-made solutions to fit your needs and budget. Whether you are opening your own gymnasium, setting up a fitness suite at your workplace, refitting an existing facility or simply purchasing commercial fitness equipment for your home, our experienced team can provide you with the expertise you need to feel 100% confident.

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  • Cast iron steel and high quality rubber coating
  • Steel Handle with foam
  • Each Set includes:
    • 1.4m 2.5kg Bar
    • Spring Collars x2
    • 1.25kg Plates x2
    • 2.5kg Plates x2
    • 5kg Plates x2
  • Serve as a multifunctional bench with multiple training applications.
  • May be used as a Aerobic stepper, weight bench or exercise seat
  • Non-slip adjustable legs allow 2 height positions from 20-35cm
  • Adjustable back rest provides 3 different angles of support( flat, incline,decline)
  • Storage compartment for resistance tubes and weights
  • Assembled size (LxWxH): (L) 110 cm x (W) 35 cm x (H) 21 cm, 11.5 kg.

HANDLES Steel chrome Handles with a great and comfortable grip

Contoured Chrome Handles with metal dots, Designed to Fit Comfortably in The Palm of Your hands 
Perfect Set For Enhancing Your Daily Workout

Hex Shaped Rubber Dumbbells Protects The Floor if it Gets Dropped

Price is quoted in Pairs




  • Double Grip Medicine Balls are excellent for a multitude of exercises. Double Grip Medicine Balls offer all the benefits of a regular medicine ball but the two handles allow easier use and provide a wider variety of available exercises.
  • Builds strength and endurance by isolating muscles.
  • Strengthens core.
  • Substitutes kettlebell workouts.
  • Perfect for circuits, functional training and use in any gym studio group training session.
  • Premium quality textured rubber surface for excellent grip.
  • Rubber weighted centres for good balance.
  • TRX Rip Trainer might be the best-kept secret in fitness. This weighted bar and bungee system is incredibly versatile and challenging for those who want to improve balance, build rotational power, increase stamina and strengthen their core. Perfect for climbers and golfers to college athletes and weekend warriors.
  • AN ESSENTIAL TOOL FOR CORE STRENGTH: The Rip Trainer employs an innovative resistance cord system to create a variable, unbalanced load that enables you to develop core strength, explosive rotational power, flexibility and endurance.
  • INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Includes the TRX¨ Rip Trainer, medium resistance bungee, door anchor, safety strap and 25 page Rip Booklet, 20-minute Rip Training basics digital download.
  • DELIVERS FAST & EFFECTIVE TRAINING RESULTS: Get a full-body workout with just one, easy to set up piece of equipment.
  • BURN CALORIES & INCREASE CARDIOVASCULAR ENDURANCE: Get fast, fun, effective workouts and develop rotational strength that mirrors the way you move in sport and in life.


  • The TRX Pro includes: 
    • Original TRX® Pro Suspension Trainer,
    • TRX 8-week workout program, 5 body-part specific video workouts, one total body workout and two bonus workout videos,
    • TRX Door Anchor,
    • TRX Suspension Xtender,
    • TRX Pro Wrist Band
    • TRX Mesh Carry Bag.